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Was asked to do a poster for the Glad Café’s upcoming event at the Streetland festival. I’ve seen the Zimbabwean duo Ernest & Tawona Sithole at a previous GC event and with the rest of the cultural mix of music it should be a good one.

It’s free too. Which is nice.


Finally made the decision to bump the ever-clunky, messy myspace malarkey and make the move to SoundCloud. A far more pleasant experience it’s turning out to be too. Have put a handful of tracks up so far, most of them new. Tracks below are ‘Eclipse’, an acoustic song that I did with Karina Smillie (ultra lovely vox) and ‘No More Colours’ (featuring my not quite as lovely vox). You can hear the other tracks here, all of which are free to download. Enjoy.


No More Colours

Geotic - Mend

Geotic is a side project of Will Wiesenfeld, AKA (the ever lovely)  Baths, and is giving away his new album Mend for free here. 14 tracks that were recorded in a ridiculous 4 days last month. Super lush melodic guitar and synth very reminiscent of Bibio’s lo-fi production combined with heavy Brian Eno influences and not a little Boards of Canada stylings to boot. Very delicious indeed.

Geotic – ‘Unwind’

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