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Some friends of mine are opening a café/bar/venue sometime this year in the Southside of Glasgow with the intention of providing the area with a much needed arts hub.

The Glad Cafe wants to provide a space where people can come together in and across different spheres of activity, philosophies, cultures and age groups to share ideas and to foster and showcase creativity.

With there being such a bunch of talented folks in the Southside, it seemed like a good idea for The Glad Café to create a zine to showcase some of their writings and artwork. The Glad Rag was designed by good friend and former bandmate (Silver Caves), Dan Bryant, and follows a beautiful minimal and restrained style throughout. Sadly, Dan was tragically killed last year. I loved his musical and graphical style, particularly his gig posters which you can see on his site: Wool. The Glad Café had a great launch party last week for the first edition of The Glad Rag with lovely music from Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals and a reading from the very engaging Alan Bissett. I think everyone agreed that this first issue of The Glad Rag was a great and fitting tribute to Dan and his talent.

Been going through a whole load of interesting boxes from my parents attic recently and have come across some very nice vintage items like this Sekonic cinecam, but I’ve also found some great graphics and imagery too. Above is a selection of some scans I took of reel-to-reel tape boxes that belonged to my Grandad, you can see the full set here. It amazes me the effort that would have had to go into the printing of these kind of materials back then. Loving the Philips dots in particular, reminiscent of some of the record sleeves I’ve seen on Project Thirty Three.

Below is a nice design that I scanned from an electric blanket box, pretty funkadelic for a Boots own brand product I thought.

The cinecam I found also came with a mini manual that the below images came from. Amazing Ilford logomark.

David Eunson Portfolio

After a fairly hectic past couple of months finishing up college, I’ve managed to get my new portfolio site up and running. Having used Indexhibit for the build and maintenance of my last site, it’s been both challenging and liberating designing this one from scratch. There’s a lot of the stuff from my last site up there along with a few new projects so feel free to have a look and let me know what you think in the comments…

Interesting project from Jessica Svendsen based on the classic Josef Müller-Brockmann poster where she created a different variation every day for 100 days. It’s great to see the progression of her ideas and how it developed throughout the project within the constraints of the original design.

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